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Kamei Introduction

       Kamei is a professional underwear brand, headquartered in Hongkong. The brand was born in 2004, after nearly ten years of development, has now grown into a focus on R & D, design, production and marketing as one of the integrated Underwear operators, exquisite Ka Dianami product design, elegant, fashion, female consumers provide foundation underwear, body sculpting underwear and lingerie fashion, products cover series, aimed at shaping attractive female posture. 

       Underwear Kamei in style pursuit "delicate, elegant, fashion," the characteristics, in the design pay attention to Oriental elements with the international trend of integration, to dig deep underwear value and cultural connotation, build is in line with the characteristics of Oriental women, and has the international fashion elements of underwear products.

       In order to make the brand with higher lasting charm, Kamei and world famous lingerie brand maintain close cooperation, in addition to with many of the world''s finest fabric manufacturers expand exchanges and to ensure that the product design unique and comfortable.
       With self-confidence, charm of female beauty demands focus emphasizes the graceful shape, let everyone wearing women Yu Kadianami show its unique charm. Jiadaimei also to create women independent of age, "beautiful life bloom" brand image.

    Brand concept    Shared beauty, pass love

    Style positioning   Fine、Elegant、Fashion

    Design idea   Beyond imagination